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Sharing the novel with others . . .

Writing the tale of Joshua and his companions in Virginia and France has been a labor of love and a thoroughly rewarding experience, though the process did at times prove quite challenging.

Still, the act of crafting a manuscript pales in comparison to the daunting task of promoting one’s finished work. When I find myself overwhelmed at the prospect, what grounds me is recalling why I began writing. Authors explore emotions, desires, fears – the things that make us human. What I hope to capture in my writing is the spirit that drives each of us forward. I want to craft stories, narratives and parables like the ones that opened my eyes as a youth and have informed my life experiences ever since.

And I want desperately to share those creations with others, to make this my life’s work.

So if you have enjoyed The Fallen Snow, I have one essential request . . .

Might you please share the novel with others?

No amount of advertising or publicity can surpass the power of a recommendation from one reader to another. With this in mind, I would be ever so grateful if you might share the novel in the following ways:


* Post a brief review on Amazon, BN.com, Kobo or via other book sharing venues such as goodreads. If you belong to other communities in which book recommendations are shared, I would appreciate your kind, honest assessment there as well.

* Share the novel with friends, family or acquaintances who are avid readers or to others who might enjoy the tale. Provide them with the link to this website (http://www.thefallensnow.com) so they may learn more about the novel, read excerpts and find links to purchase a copy.

* Recommend the novel on your Facebook timeline or on other online social networks. In addition, if you are on Facebook, please “like” The Fallen Snow – Book Page, where I occasionally post news regarding the novel. Please also follow my continuing journey as a writer via the John J Kelley – Author Page or via twitter @johnjkelley.

* If you belong to, or know of, a book club that might be interested in reading the novel, please check out the Book Club page. If you would like me to participate in a book club discussion, please send me a message via my Contact Page or post a message on the novel Facebook page. I would be delighted to participate via phone, online or in person (if feasible).


Above all, thank you for your willingness to share The Fallen Snow with others however you see fit. Your support means so much.


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